Friday, June 02, 2006

mothering style

As seen at various blogs --- "Mothering Style Quiz". I think this is a pretty good description of my mothering style - and one of the reasons we've chosen to homeschool!

Your type is: infj —The “Know Thyself” Mother

“I believe the joy of motherhood is self-discovery—for them and for me.”

  • Sensitive and family-focused, the INFJ mother looks for and encourages the unique potential of each child. Self-knowledge may be her byword. Her aim is to help each child develop a sense of identity and cultivate personal growth. In fact, she may value the mothering experience as a catalyst to her own personal growth and self-knowledge.
  • The INFJ mother spends time observing and understanding each child. She is drawn to intimate conversations and seeks a free exchange of feelings and thoughts.
  • Sympathetic and accommodating, the INFJ mother strives to meet the important yet sometimes conflicting needs of each family member in harmonious and creative ways
  • She is conscientious and intense as well. Probably no one takes life and child-raising more seriously than the INFJ. She approaches mothering as a profession requiring her best self.

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