Friday, June 09, 2006

mural finished!

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Michael C finished our mural this morning. We are thrilled with how it turned out, and love the fact that we have artwork on our back wall. He did a fantastic job, and happily added in a few features I asked for (dinosaur tracks and a rosary draped over a rock). He will be coming back in the fall to complete a dinosaur mural behind the boys' playfort and another mural near our pool.

Next year, when there are more (and bigger) plants in this garden, it will look even better. Now that the heat has started, I won't be adding more plants -- and unfortunately I lost quite a few to the heat while I was gone. But, this fall will find me planting again -- and again next spring. By next summer, I should have some established plants that will fill in the garden with green and colors.

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  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Alexa - I told him I wanted a desert scene - with ocotillos in bloom (a spindly cactus with orange blossoms), around early sunset, and the dino tracks & rosary. Oh, and I think that I asked that he include the mountains (we're fairly close to 2 mountain ranges.) Other than that, he had free reign. He did a mural for our neighbor of a tropical island scene that is also beautiful (yet different). I am very pleased how it turned out! It only took him about 8 hours spread across 3 days! And, it's exterior housepaint, so it should last a long time.


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