Saturday, June 24, 2006

Feast Day of St. John the Baptist

Today is the feast day of St. John the Baptist.

When we were at the museum the other day (yes, I promise, I'll stop talking about it soon - LOL) many of the paintings that included an infant Jesus also included an infant John the Baptist. One in particular (unfortunately the details escape me!) was just the 2 of them playing together and was very sweet. Usually, when I think of John the Baptist, I think more of what he accomplished as an adult. Seeing those pictures, and realizing his feast day is today - prompted me to think about him & Jesus as young playmates, which has added more dimension to my thoughts about his life.

One of the traditions about him is that he was freed from original sin and sanctified in his mother's womb. For this reason, his feast day is celebrated on his birthday, rather than the day of his death. (Other saints' feasts are usually celebrated on their death - their birth into Heaven.)

This painting is La Vierge's L'Enfant Jesus et Saint Jean Baptiste. I know the ages of the 2 are off (since John the Baptist is thought to be only 6 months older), but I love all the bare toes and the love that shines in this picture.

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