Wednesday, June 14, 2006

summer prep

With the temperatures going over 100 degrees the last few weeks, I realized it was time to get the van ready for summer.

First thing I did was switch out the spare changes of clothes in the car. During the cool months, I keep extra sweatpants, t-shirt and underwear for each boy in the van. This time of year, I make sure the sizes are right, and swap out the sweatpants for shorts. These extra outfits have come in handy many times!

Then, I found the cold bag. I keep this in the car for frozen items from grocery trips. It's not really necessary year-round - but in the summer, I come home with 1/2 melted popsicles and ice cream if I don't protect them. I used to keep a cooler in the back, but the cold bag is much smaller. The trick now is to always remember to put it BACK in the van after a grocery trip!

The last thing I do is carry a small cooler for each trip in the van. I throw in a couple freezer packs, bottled water, and snacks. I usually bring drinks & snacks - but in the summer, the cooler keeps the water refreshing. The freezer packs also come in handy to cool down the boys if they (or their car seats) are uncomfortably hot. Rubbing the seats down with the cold pack is a quick way to cool off their seats.

The best trick is to plan all the errands for early morning, and get back home by 10:30 or 11!

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