Monday, June 26, 2006

not really "flying" pigs . . .

I found the story that C was referring to in my last post. It's a story of St. Patrick being stranded on an island with a group of people. They were all hungry, and they were mocking (?) him and telling him to pray to his God and ask for food. God "sent" pigs and honey to feed them. In the story they read, the author asked "Do you think they were real pigs or flying pigs?" and I'm sure that the group of 5 year olds were much more interested in the idea of flying pigs.

As the boys were in bed tonight, and we were starting the rosary - C said "OH!! I was the ONLY kid who knew the "Hail Mary" and the "Our Father"! None of the other kids knew either prayer! The teacher almost didn't believe me until I said them both - just smooth like!" He went on to say that she had asked him if his mom worked with him, and he replied "No, not really. We say the rosary every night before bed, so I know the prayers. OH, and my mom always says the "Hail Mary" when she gets stuck in traffic, too. I know the "Glory Be" and the "Apostles Creed", too - do you want to hear?" Apparently she didn't let him recite those for the group. He was so proud of himself, and I was so proud of him as well. I wonder if the rest of the kids were shy - or if none of them really knew the prayers?

The rosary is such a special prayer in our family. When N was about a year old, he started having horrible temper tantrums at bedtime. I found myself so frustrated night after night - and then one night I decided to start reciting "Hail Mary"'s - mostly to find some sort of control for myself. That evolved into saying one decade. Then, I added on the beginning prayers. After a month or so, I began reciting the entire rosary with them each night; minus the mysteries, because it was dark in their room and I didn't have them memorized. After another month or so, I decided it was time to memorize the mysteries and did so - so we complete a full rosary, with mysteries now most nights before bed. The boys usually fall asleep during the prayers, or if not asleep - they are completely relaxed and ready for sleep. When DH is home, he joins us as well and we take turns saying decades. The boys usually take turns with the inital prayers, and then I take over for the decades. I like to imagine them as adults, remembering that they fell asleep to the sound of their mom praying the rosary.

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