Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bulleted Life

  • I love technology and I especially love that my boys have cell phones and text me regularly.   How could I not with conversations like that one?
  • I think about things to post all the time, but I need to get better about actually posting them.  I added the Blogger app to my iPhone, so I'm hoping to post more "life" posts.  I miss those posts!
  • In the last couple months, I passed a bunch of Office certification exams (OneNote, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook) as well as a Quickbooks certification exam.  
  • I took the plunge and submitted an application to be a "Microsoft Certified Trainer."  My official email arrived last week.  After 13 years of teaching Microsoft applications, I'm officially certified.  Make whatever jokes come to mind :)
  • Now that I've done that, I'm starting to look beyond apps training (meaning the Office applications) and looking at technical training.  When I first started training 13 years ago, that was the intent -- but I got sidetracked.  It's never too late to move that track, however.
  • I'm also looking at a certificate in e-learning development.  I think that e-learning will continue to grow and I want to be part of that.  As much as I love standing in front of a class of students, I see class sizes dwindling.
  • Bo has been traveling.  A LOT.  I have not.
  • Tomorrow I am heading off with my sister for a few days.  I am looking forward to this trip immensely.
  • The kids are all great. 
  • This school year has been tough on the boys, and my heart hurts that it has sucked the way it has.  Because I respect their privacy, I won't share much here unless I get their permission.  I'm glad that Spring Break is next week and their fourth quarter begins after that.
  • Lydia is excited about kindergarten at "the brothers'" school, but Bo & I cringe at the thought of sending our precious baby there.  Homeschooling the boys for K was so much fun, but life is different these days.  I'm still considering our options, and ignored the enrollment week in January.
  • Having my parents live next door is awesome in so many ways.  (hi, Mom!)
  • Oh, and that text conversation above didn't happen at 11:44PM.  That was when I snapped the picture to share with Bo (who was traveling.)  My kids are long in bed by then.

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