Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MasterLock & Random Acts of Kindness & Giveaway!

Last month, MasterLock participated in the Random Acts of Kindness week by handing out locks at various fitness centers around the country.  What a fun way to encourage people to continue their fitness goals!

They kindly sent our family a Master Lock 1534D Password Plus Combo Lock to try out for ourselves.  With this lock, you don't have to remember a number!  You can set it for any 5 character word as the combination.

The lock is very sturdy.  At first, we thought Bo would take it to the gym with him, but then we realized we needed a new lock on our back gate.   We easily set the combination to 5 characters that we will remember -- but won't be easy for others to guess.  (I'll give you a hint -- we chose the first letter of each word in a 5 word phrase that means something to us, but wouldn't be known outside our family.)

The combination is easy to set, and easy to change.  In fact, the boys come to me regularly with new words to re-set the lock.  We've decided to leave it as it is, however, so I don't have to try and remember a new combination every week!

The lock is the high quality I expect from MasterLock, and I'm happy knowing our gate is secure!

We're past the official Random Acts of Kindness week, but MasterLock wants to send a lock to one of my readers!

To enter the giveaway, do NOT leave a comment below.  (But feel free to leave a comment about anything else!  Just not to enter the giveaway.) Click THIS LINK and fill out the simple form.    The information you will need to enter the giveaway is your name, your email, and these 2 bits of information:

Name of Giveaway:  MasterLock
Mandatory Question: Share a random act of kindness you've performed recently.

Giveaway will end March 25, 2012. Good luck!!

**Disclosure:  I received a lock from MasterLock, and another was provided for the giveaway.  No additional compensation was provided.  All opinions and text are my own.*

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