Saturday, August 13, 2011

Anniversary Gift

This is the gift I created for our 14th anniversary. I talked with the kids and we came up with a list (a long list) of things that we believed in as a family.

Once I had the list, I sent it to a graphic artist and she created this amazing image. She sent me a high-res image and I then sent it to Costco for printing.

It was only $9 for a 20x30 poster! I then took it to Hobby Lobby and purchased the red mat and frame. Did you know that if you purchase the framing material, they will put it all together for you for free??

Once it was completed, I had a hard time waiting until our anniversary to give it to my husband. In fact, I gave it to him the night before, saying that it was our anniversary already in Milwaukee (where we married)

He loved it and so do I. Words are a big part of my life, and these words describe what we want from our life.

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