Thursday, August 04, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - Lazy River at Arizona Grand Resort

If you look carefully, Bo & my boys are in the middle of this picture, floating on the lazy river which is in the Oasis Water Park at the Arizona Grand Resort

As has been our almost-annual tradition, we spent time there this weekend, and even though last year I declared that we probably wouldn't return for a few more years -- a year brought more maturity for all 3 of my children. Lydia wore her life vest while in the park, but she can swim now and the boys have also improved their swimming (plus they're taller this year!)

We did have a few issues regarding housekeeping and a couple other things.  It appears that the resort is doing pretty well, and some things slid during our brief stay because of the volume of guests.  Certain areas just didn't meet the expectations I have come to expect from the resort. Management did talk with me about my concerns, and worked to correct the issues, so I'm sure we'll be back again.

My kids absolutely love the Oasis Water Park.  Colin declared the lazy river his favorite, while Lydia this year preferred the "bumpy pool" (otherwise known as the wave pool).  She was fearless bobbing in the waves and thought the entire experience an absolute delight.  Nate loves the water slides best, and had the opportunity to take quite a few slides with Bo during our stay.

We stay in a suite when we go, which gives us plenty of room.  There are 2 beds in a bedroom, and then a pullout couch in the front sitting room.  We also like to choose a suite close to the water park, avoiding the need for a shuttle (or a long, hot walk) to get to the water park.  We bring snacks and drinks to help keep costs down, but those are only for in our rooms, since outside drinks and food are not allowed into the water park area.  We also enjoyed treats and drinks by the pool, and the prices are fair and typical for a resort. 

School starts next week, and while it was looking iffy for a bit whether or not we would be able to take our annual water resort vacation, I'm glad we were able to end the summer on a high note.

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