Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Home Improvements

The picture to the left pops up in my screensaver every couple days.  Lydia was less than a year old and the boys had short hair.  (their hair is a bit of a contentious issue at the moment.  I loved these short hair cuts, but they both are going for the shaggy look these days.  I am trying to remember that it's ONLY HAIR, but I miss these close cut heads.)

Lydia is pushing on our old sliding door, while all three watch them pour the concrete to bring our outside patio flush with the indoor floor.  We had this done in anticipation of closing in the back patio and turning it into another room.

The project took much longer than anticipated, but Bo did the majority of the work himself.  The project paused while we earned the money, and found the time, but it's been complete now for a couple years and we enjoy having the extra space off the kitchen.  We use it as our office, and the old office became Lydia's bedroom.

 One of things we'd like to consider in the future is adding a sliding door between the office and the kitchen.  While most of the time it's nice to have the open space, there are also times when some additional privacy would be nice.  Since Bo is a fabulous handyman, I am sure he could figure out how to do it.  Years ago, he did quite a bit of woodworking in our old basement (back in WI), and I can envision that he could craft a gorgeous door with sliding door hardware.  I'm not sure when it will happen, but I know that if I decide I really want it, Bo will make sure it does.

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