Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - A First

I debated taking this picture, and then I really debated posting it.  But, I liked the image, and the wide expanse of floor that led up to Nate and the priest.*

If you're unsure what's happening -- this is Nate at his First Reconciliation.  A far cry from the small, enclosed cubicles in a darkened church of my youth. He is at the Moose Lodge sitting face to face with a dear, retired priest.

Our parish had a family retreat for a few hours on a Saturday morning, then 2 priests heard the first confessions of about 40 second graders. They were encouraged to choose only one or two "unloving choices" to discuss, and were given a shortened version of the Act of Contrition to recite.

Nate worked hard memorizing the full version, just as his brother did the year before.  Even though he wasn't able to recite it this time, he'll be ready next time.

*And, Nate gave me permission to post this picture.

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  1. What a wonderful picture! Congratulations, Nate on your first reconciliation :)


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