Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 Topics

I've been thinking about what I want to write about this year, and I've decided I want to write more about our life!

  • Life! I plan to write more about our family life -- how homeschooling works (and doesn't) for us, more about my freelance efforts and my potential job search, fun things we do and challenges we face.  
  • Travel! No . . . we haven't found a pile of money hidden in a mattress, but we've made a commitment to exploring more this year.  We will be making regular weekend trips as a family - with day trips thrown in as well.  I'll write about the places we go, how we find the time,  how we do it with a tight budget, and the things we learn. I'm very excited about the adventures we'll have!
  • Recipes! If you know me, you know that Bo does a lot of the cooking.  Not because I am unable, it just has worked out that way. I'm going to share more of the yummy things he makes, new things we try, and I'm going to get the kids more involved in the kitchen. And maybe I'll get better at taking pictures of food!
  • Reviews! The reviews and giveaways will continue.  Not only do I have fun trying out new things, I love to share them with my readers. I debated about starting a separate review blog, but I personally don't like blogs that are nothing but reviews, so I couldn't see myself starting one. I like to read about people, and their lives, and how they approach life . . . and am interested to read about products they've tried in the context of their lives.  So, I'm bucking the trend a bit and leaving my reviews right here mixed in with life!
I'm leaving "Money Savings Mondays" behind -- at least for a while. There are so many blogs out there completely devoted to frugal living (or maybe I just read many that are slanted that way) that I don't have much new to share.  It's not that I don't need to live a frugal lifestyle -- believe me, I do!!  I'm just tired of putting so much effort into thinking about it.  I'll still shop clearance sales, and use coupons, and do all those things that stretch our budget.  Every once in a while I may share some ideas, but I'm not going to make it a weekly thing anymore.  (As a side note, I will still share deals, freebies and shopping strategies over at Moms Love Shopping.)

Looking back at 2009, I'm excited about all the neat people and opportunities that opened up to me thanks to this blog.  I'm excited about growing it more in 2010 and can't wait to see who I meet this year thanks to this blog!

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