Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - Piggy Paint

Yes, my Wordless Wednesday shot was of Lydia's toes!  Painted with the wonderful Piggy Paint color "Girls Rule" shimmery purple.  More about that awesome non-toxic polish in another post -- I want to write about Wednesdays.

On Wednesdays, the boys attend an all-day enrichment program.  So, that leaves Lydia and me to enjoy our day with each other!

Yesterday, that started with our usual early-morning snuggle.  I painted her toes (something she's been asking for!)  We ate breakfast.  I did some work, and she sat next to me, studiously placing gold stickers onto sheets of paper. We read books. We ate some lunch. We headed outside where I pushed her on the swing for 45 minutes.  That girl loves to swing and could swing for hours if only someone would push her that long! We came in and she watched some Sprout while I did more work and got some outgrown clothes together to pass along to another mom.

Wednesdays are usually quieter and calmer than the rest of the week, since it's just the 2 of us. It's nice, but we're both eager to pick up the boys when the afternoon rolls around. And the first thing she did when they got in the car was show off her purple toes!

Did you play Wordless Wednesday?  Don't forget to tell your story with Tell Me Thursday!

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  1. Oh what cute little toes! I remember when my daughter was little too - they grow up too fast though - she just turned 19 today! Thanks for visiting my blog today.


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