Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Product Fun!

Wow!  I had a fabulously fun morning!

I was on Sonoran Living this morning sharing some of my favorite, new baby products! I have watched Sonoran Living for years, and the women on the show are as warm and wonderful in person as they appear on television!  I had a great time and was excited to share great baby things.

I was nervous, but Bo came with me and just having him there helped calm my nerves.  The other guests were sweet (and informative!) and we even got to see a Burmese Python from the Wildlife World Zoo!

If you saw the show, you know the table was full of products -- Piggy Paint (there's still time for that giveaway!), BornFree sippy cups, board book photo albums, JJ Cole's diaper pod, the Puj baby tub, Mrs. Meyer's Baby Line, Robeez and Kristi G's fabulous bag and grow chair!  Whew!! I wasn't able to talk about each item, but there will be an article on their website with more information about each thing.

I had so many more hot baby products that I didn't have time to showcase, I will be sharing my reviews on this site over the next few weeks -- so keep an eye out for them.  I even have some discount codes and more giveaways!

If this is your first visit, (thanks to my television debut!), please leave a comment and say hello!  I love hearing from my readers.

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