Thursday, January 07, 2010

Great Sprout Tuck-In

I love Sprout.  It has some of our favorite kid shows -- like Kipper (a favorite of my boys, and now my daughter.  In fact, my sons still refer to flashlights as torches thanks to Kipper's influence!), the Wiggles (another favorite of all 3), and Angelina Ballerina (never of interest to the boys, but of great interest to my singing and dancing girl!)

Sprout is currently working with the Pajama Program to help give warm pajamas and books to kids in need.  They are calling it the Great Sprout Tuck-In and have many different ways people can participate.

While I wish I had unlimited funds to donate to great charities, I'm happy I can at least help spread the word!  If you want to make a donation, lead a donation drive, or host a pajama party - there are tips, ideas and activities available on the main site. If you can, help put more kids in warm pajamas, reading great bedtime stories!

Disclosure: While I am part of Sprout's Band of Bloggers, I was not asked to write about this program. I did just because I think it's a great cause!

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