Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My sis and I had a great time in Vegas!

I turned $1 into $18 at the penny slots when we first arrived . . . but by Sunday I had lost that $18 and another $14. Which is exactly why I don't gamble! For $15, I got a few hours of entertainment, but if I was at the dollar slots and lost $150 . . . I'd be bummed!!

We ate some delicious food and literally didn't go outside from the time we arrived until we left. We stayed at the Luxor (which was very nice) and were able to visit Mandalay Bay (where we visited the Shark Reef and the Lush store) and Excalibur without going outside. We also visited the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor, which I thought was wonderfully done!

When we left on Sunday, we stopped at the Liberace Museum and Ethel M Chocolate Factory before heading back to Arizona.

It was nice spending a weekend with my sister, eating and walking and shopping, without worry about anyone but us. I did miss my family, though, and thought often how they would have enjoyed certain things we did. I had fun, and relaxed, and think that we should make a sister's vacation an annual event!

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  1. Kraig5:40 PM

    An annual trip? I thought Bo and I were supposed to go on an annual trip? Wait, we pretty much do! Glad you had a nice time.


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