Friday, August 14, 2009

long week!!

It's been quite the week around here, and it's kept me from blogging! It's been mostly good, however!
  • I went away with DH overnight last weekend. It was wonderful -- and the first time we've done so since Colin was born. I want to write a longer post about this soon -- but let's just say we plan to do this again!
  • One of my external hard drives crashed 2 weeks ago and I upgraded my main hard drive and I've been STRUGGLING with restoring my data from I have another post drafted about that service, but quickly -- let me just say that my opinion is to avoid them. My experience has been awful, and their customer service are snarky and not helpful. I'm no closer to having my data back than I was over 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping that I can finally resolve the issue this weekend, but in the meantime, based on my lousy experience, don't give your hard-earned money to Apparently, backing up is an easy process -- but restoring is a nightmare. (And don't we use a backup service so we can RESTORE our data in case it gets lost??)
  • The boys started back to the enrichment program this week, and took their pre-assessment tests for the online program. They're squared away, and I was able to pick up their books today. Schooling officially starts on Monday . . . so wish us all luck!
  • I taught, but only briefly this week. I taught a short seminar about creating forms in Word, and my 1/2 day class on Excel Pivot Tables -- both on the same day.
I'm leaving things out -- but that's the big look at this past week. I'm off to the movies in a few minutes with my sister. We're going to see Julie & Julia. My sister isn't all that excited, but she'll come along with me anyway ;) When she was a toddler, she used to imitate Julia Childs' voice after my mom would watch her shows. It always cracked us up, but of course she doesn't remember that. I hope it's a good movie!


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Busy week. Enjoy the weekend. Let me know how the movie was.


  2. Hey Melanie, I'm sorry about the Mozy trouble you've been having. Restores should work much better than this. Send me an e-mail or give me a call. I'm willing to work this out for you.

    Devin Knighton
    (801) 722-8187


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