Monday, August 03, 2009

Money Saving Monday #21

As a freelancer, I often have dribs and drabs of money coming in. When I'm paid via PayPal, the money is easy to keep track of, but when I receive checks, I sometimes misplace them.

I *try* to put all checks received in the same place when they arrive, but I confess that I fell down on that a couple weeks ago and misplaced a medium-sized check and one tiny check. I knew that the clients had paid me, but I couldn't find the checks to deposit!

Losing a check is definitely NOT a money saving tactic, especially when you need that check to pay the electric bill. Thankfully, I did find both checks (in two different places!) this morning.

My tip for this week is to always put checks and other funds in the same place as soon as you receive them! This will save you money (you can deposit the funds and pay bills without late fees!) and save face (how embarrassing if I had to contact my clients and let them know I misplaced their checks?)

1 comment:

  1. Great tip! Also, make sure the place you put the checks is not your pocket, since check's don't do so well going through the washer - ask me how I know that, lol.


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