Saturday, August 01, 2009

First Week of August

This week is going to be nice & busy!
  • I'm teaching 2 1/2 days this week. One class I've taught multiple times and am very comfortable with, a 1/2 day class for the first time and need to finish prepping, and another class I'm teaching for only the 2nd time and need to spend more time prepping.
  • I have writing to do for clients.
  • Boys have a "meet the teacher" event for their enrichment program.
  • Laundry. Grocery Shopping.
  • Someone is coming to clean house for me and I am hoping hoping hoping that it's a good fit (because I hate cleaning house, and I'm not very good at it.)
  • Boys have 2 Tae Kwon Do classes.
  • Sign up Nate for coach-pitch. Colin doesn't want to play this fall, and since he's played the last 4 falls, I guess he's earned the right to say he doesn't like playing baseball. He still may change his mind, though. (He did last year.)
  • Wrapping up the week by celebrating our 12th anniversary at a local resort (where I scored a great deal for a room.) My dear, darling sister is staying with our kids. We have NEVER both been away overnight from our kids, so we are looking forward to it! I'm trying to decide if it's worth ordering the chocolate-covered strawberries to be waiting for us in our room at check-in or not . . .
What does your week look like? As I look ahead in August, each week gets busier & busier -- and I'm traveling twice!

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