Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Review: Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS

Around Christmas, DH found an XBox and a copy of Rock Band for a fantastic price. So, we added the XBox to the shelf with the Wii and I resigned myself to the fact that we have MANY video game systems in our house and that the drum set was just part of the living room decor. Then, we played Rock Band a few times -- and I was hooked! What fun! We gave up singing, but loved playing drums and guitar. It is an absolute hoot!

So, when I heard that Activision had a version for Nintendo DS, I was interested. Then, Mom Central asked if I wanted to review Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits! And, if I had more than one DS, I could also review Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits so we could play against each other. Well, we have FOUR Nintendo DS's in our house, so they sent me both games. (Thanks again, Mom Central & Activision! You rock!)

They are SO MUCH FUN to play! My DS (mine is shimmery pink) used to get played the least, but that has changed since these games arrived. The guitar part attaches easily to the console, the sound is good, and it is tons of fun to play along with the songs. I like the fact that there are multiple levels and even multiple ways to play. If I just want to play a quick song, I can choose to do that -- or I can play in Career Mode and build my following and earn points for clothes and better equipment.

The multi-player mode works great. My husband and I duel each other (he almost always wins) and my sister and I dueled each other in the van last week on the way to the circus. There are plenty of songs and plenty of variety.

My husband plays late at night with headphones - which he says makes it even better because the songs sound better and there's less distraction. My boys have played it and have fun, but it is made for older kids (mainly because of some of the lyrics.) This game is the most fun for me & my husband.

If you're looking for a fun game, and want to let out your inner Rock Star, give these games a try!

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