Friday, July 31, 2009


It's 1:30AM Friday morning. I went to the grocery store at 10:30 PM so that we'd have milk when the kids woke up (and so I could go without the kids.) I didn't have a very good plan, though, so I will likely be back at the store on Saturday -- but I do have enough to get us through tomorrow.

I'm done teaching for the week, and I don't have a new class to prep for (until next Thursday.) I have a couple writing assignments in the hopper, but no pressing deadlines.

So, tomorrow, (I mean today -- you know, but I'll go to bed soon and then when I get up again) I'm going to enjoy my kids. We're going to have a leisurely breakfast and I will throw in a load of laundry. We'll head out to the library and Colin will fill his bag with books and Nate will seek out audiobooks. Lydia will run around like a crazy child and try to remove all the books from the shelves. After the library, we'll run through the bank and the kids will get lollipops from the teller.

We'll come home and play a little Wii. For lunch, I'll make boxed mac & cheese because it's my oldest son's favorite food (and has been since he first started eating.) I'll do some more laundry.

I will read aloud from Mossflower, because we haven't made enough time for read alouds lately and Nate told me he missed that.

I may check my email, but maybe not. Part of the reason I stayed up so late was to finish up my monthly invoices and get them sent off. A day away from the computer sounds nice right now.

I will make a phone call to make plane reservations for a trip I've been offered at the end of August. And, I'll call a friend to check on her sick toddler. But, other than that, the phone calls can go to voicemail.

When the sun is low in the sky, we'll don our swimsuits and head out to our pool. I'll make up a pitcher of lemonade, fill the ice bucket, and we'll swim the late afternoon away.

When my husband comes home, we'll enjoy pizza for dinner and maybe a movie with the kids. And, after they're in bed, we'll enjoy an adult movie.

August looks like a crazy busy month. So, on this last day of July -- I'm taking it easy!

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