Monday, July 20, 2009

Money Saving Monday #19

I had a pleasant surprise on Saturday when I stopped at Paradise Bakery to buy lunch for my sister and me. When they rang up our meals, and I handed over my loyalty card, they let me know that I had earned a free meal and a free drink! It's great when that happens!

Loyalty cards help businesses track what people buy, which helps them create specials, discounts, and make merchandising decisions. It also allows them to provide specific discounts and specials to loyal customers.

I have quite a few loyalty cards, and I use them because they are money-makers for my budget. This weekend, I earned a free lunch. Last week, I received a $10 reward from Office Max for past purchases. I also have loyalty cards for Pet Smart, Lakeshore Learning, Best Buy, Staples and all the local grocery stores. Fry's Grocery Stores (part of Kroger) sends me customized coupons once a month or so based on my past purchases.

You can register for most loyalty cards online, or take an extra few minutes while checking out to sign up. As long as you remember to use them when you checkout, the savings add up over a year!


  1. Hi! We loved your post so much that we decided to feature it as a part of KiwiLog's weekly Mom Blog Round-up. Thanks for the great information!

  2. Great post! We love loyalty cards, too. We recently got some luggage (really nice, expensive luggage) at Bass Outlet for less than $35 because of our loyalty card, between discounts and earned gift certificates.


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