Friday, July 03, 2009

Many Hats

We all wear many hats as we move through life, but I'm feeling a bit like the man in "Caps for Sale" when I begin thinking of all that I've taken on these days.
  • Wife - I'm feeling that my hubby is a bit neglected these days and I know we're not connecting as much or as often as we should ;(
  • Mother - This one is probably the biggest cap on my head, as it can never be put aside and they're always needing something. This role fills my days and nights and I am currently working on patience.
  • Homeschooler - Being responsible for my children's learning is an awesome and sometimes intimidating task. I am extremely proud of the fact I taught both my boys to read.
  • Software instructor - I love this job, but it definitely takes much more time than just the time to show up to teach a class. There's prep, and more prep, and sometimes courseware development that happens in between the rest of life at home. Teaching, though, feels so right -- and I confess I love the stroking I receive when I have good evaluations written about me by students. I am a good teacher, and I'm proud of that.
  • Writer - Another job I love. Another job I fit in among responsibilities at home. Having multiple assignments with multiple companies can get a bit overwhelming some days, but I enjoy it! It falls a bit into teaching, as I tend to write non-fiction, personal essays and things that I hope inform and teach others. Even if it is just about how many different roles I'm juggling right now. LOL!
  • Housekeeper - pretty self-explanatory. I don't do a very good job at this one.
  • Chef - My husband is the better cook. I do what I can.
  • Laundress - I'm behind again on laundry. When I can stick to my 1 - 2 loads per day, I can stay on top of it, but as soon as I miss a day or two, it takes weeks to catch back up.
  • Sister / Daughter / Cousin / Family Member - I could probably step up the game for all these relationships; if only I had some more time. I do have some fabulous family, and I'm especially glad my sister lives just a few miles down the road.
  • Friend - I am blessed with some wonderful friends. I am trying harder to create time to spend with them, even though I have deadlines waiting. And laundry.
  • Catholic - My kids help me grow closer to God every day. They remember to say Grace, and prayers, and to thank God regularly. I know it's from example, and am so glad that when I may be floundering a bit, my kids bring me right back.
I'm not willing to give up any of these roles, but I'm struggling these days with balancing them all.

If I could get a bit more successful I'd love to get help in the Housekeeping role by bringing someone in again. A friend and I may give 30 day cooking a shot, which would help in the Chef role. I may have to give up Homeschooling, but I have a few different ideas about how we could continue that I'm exploring.

Different seasons require different things, and this season of my life is requiring that I take on quite a bit. I know I'm up for the challenge, I just need to find some space for myself so that I can continue meeting the challenge. A bit more time with friends and family; a bit more time with just myself; a bit more time in prayer.


  1. Good post! All those hats ...whew!
    I've a few you don't have ...none more or less any "fancier" just different! Ha! (Most are similar.)
    I'm back to writing a little...just a wee bit...sorry I've been a poopy head! Ha! Suzanne

  2. From another wearer of many hats... you are appreciated for all that you do for me.

    I know I forget to say it sometimes, and I know how important it is when I hear it. Thanks for all you do!


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