Monday, July 06, 2009

Review: EA Sports Active for Wii

I know there are a bunch of bloggers who received copies of EA Sports Active in exchange for blogging, but I bought my own copy this weekend to try out.

I need to get into better shape, and I need a way to exercise that is time-efficient. The cost of a gym membership, plus the time involved, and the child care issue . . . made me want to find something to do at home. Walking in the summer when it's 90 degrees at 7AM just doesn't work very well for me.

We own the Wii Fit, but I got tired of the loooong pauses between exercises, and the inability to put together a routine that flowed from one exercise to the next. I always felt like I spent more time waiting than I did exercising. (That being siad, it is a fun game, the kids can play and be active, and we did have a lot of fun competing in the different events/games as a family. I just felt like I needed something more intense.)

I started the "30 Day Challenge" this morning. You can use the balance board from Wii Fit, but you don't have to. That's good - because we need batteries in our balance board and I didn't want to let another day go by before I tried it out!

I liked the fact that there was a routine, with varying exercises. I liked that I could skip over the "how to" videos easily. I liked the fact that it had me build up a sweat, and that I was finished in 20 minutes! You are encouraged to get 60 minutes of activity in during a day -- and I'm sure my time in the pool later will fill out my full hour.

I fumbled a bit putting the numchuk into the leg band and getting it back out depending on the exercise. I think this will get easier as time goes by - today was the first day and I wasn't sure yet what exercises had me holding the remote & numchuk and which had me with the numchuk in the leg band.

I wonder about the durability of the resistance band. Time will tell - and even if it does break, we have another one in the house to replace it. My husband plans to take the "30 Day Challenge" as well, so we'll see how it holds up.

I'm not going to post my starting stats for the Internet at large, but I will post throughout my 30 day challenge and let you know if I've lost weight and/or inches. I'm interested to see if I can stick with this program!


  1. Sounds like a great way to get exercise and yet have fun, and also sounds like it's an improvement over the Wii Fit with balance board--which is a good thing, because hopefully the competition will cause Nintendo to work on improving their Wii Fit product or bring out something even better. I like the sound of the 30 Day Challenge. I may just have to go out and buy one of these. Thanks for the information.

  2. Good luck! Anything that can get us moving more is good. Unless it's a really big dog chasing you...

  3. Congratulations on getting started. The first step is the hardest. I just posted about how desire is key to achievement on Tuesday.


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