Monday, January 05, 2009

Money Saving Monday #10

DH & I got to go out (without kids!!) twice in December. We attended a party and a wedding reception -- and I realized how LONG it had been since we were able to just enjoy some time together, and more importantly how much I missed it! One of my goals for 2009 was to take time each month to spend time alone with my dear darling.

Unfortunately, nobody else we know is getting married soon and there are no parties we've been invited to coming up. My sister is kind enough to watch the kids without payment, so I had to find something inexpensive to do with our free afternoon yesterday.

When we were dating, we used to go to the movies at least once a week. We haven't been to a movie (that wasn't in our living room) as a couple in a long time, so I thought that would be a good way to spend our afternoon. Did you know that even at matinee prices, it would have cost us $14.50 to see a first-run movie??

In the end, we decided to see a movie at the $2 theater, and split a sandwich and drink for lunch. Even with buying a small popcorn at the theater, total cost was $16! That's an amount I could easily fit into our budget AND I got to spend a few hours alone with my husband.

I'm committed to making dates happen monthly this year. We're already thinking of taking a hike next month (no cost), and a visit to the university's art museum (donation requested). I'd like to keep our dates under $20 if at all possible, and I think I can do it!

Share your inexpensive date ideas in the comments! I'd love to have more ideas to pencil into the calendar.


  1. Ahhh, the joys of free babysitting!

    My in-laws will be about three hours away when we move back to New England. I'm already looking forward to a few hours of time with my husband. Here are some things we've done:

    Coffee or juice and a bagel at a coffee shop and then a walk in the park.

    Bike riding with a stop for a cold drink.

    Grocery shopping and shopping for birthday gifts for the kids. Yes, it costs more than $20, but it is money that was going to be spent anyway. As a treat, we purchase a quality chocolate bar and a bottle of water and share it on the ride home.

  2. Here are some of my ideas:

    1. Visit a free museum or art gallery.
    2. Find a theatre that plays old movies cheap or check out your local library--they sometimes run "free" old movies series.
    3. Have a picnic at a park and then walk (you live in AZ so the weather should be nice for you!)
    4. Go to a weekend Farmer's market, bring your own coffee/tea, browse the vendors/stalls and people watch.
    5. Go for a hike together


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