Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hmmm, apparently I title many posts with the word "busy." It's not a bad thing, it just is these days.

I have truly jumped back into working and it is invigorating and exhausting all at the same time. I haven't had a training class in a few weeks now, but I have had numerous writing opportunities and I am excited about the growth in that area. I do love to teach, and plan to continue, but I am also getting a kick out of writing.

I have so much on my writing plate that it's become impossible to fit it in around the kids and I have started lining up childcare for them so I can focus for hours at time, instead of catching 15 minutes here and there during the day, and then working late into the night. While I wish I could survive on 5-6 hours a night, the harsh truth is that I need a minimum of 8 on a regular basis.

I had prayed for something that would allow me to continue to be the prime caretaker of my children, while also providing a 2nd revenue stream for my family. It's been a lot of hard work, but it's happening just as I prayed. While I do use occasional child care, it's just a few hours/week. And while my income doesn't come close to DH's, it is very welcome these days.

On the home front, C is getting ready for his First Reconciliation next month. His Religious Ed teacher told him that he didn't need to learn the Act of Contrition . . . something he & I both found odd. I'm so glad that we're able to do most of his formation at home. I guess she told him that it was more important to know Our Father and Hail Mary . . . prayers he's known since he was 4.

Both boys are in a good spot right now which is such a relief. They're both helpful and kind and just a joy to be with. I'm a little worried about N's reading skills, but I've got a few ideas up my sleeves to deal with that.

L is a very typical toddler who is almost 2. Is it terrible to say that I really don't like this age much? I never understood people who said they didn't like the infant stage . . . but those people might not understand how I feel now. This defiant, argumentative, temper tantrum stage is draining. She's still a sweet, lovable child . . . but very strong-willed. (like her mama, is what my DH says) She also has every single boy/man in the house wrapped around her finger. It's quite astonishing to watch all 3 of them at her beck and call.

That's my update if you've been wondering what I'm up to. And, did you enter the Super Bowl giveaway? Please do! I'm super-excited to have such a great prize to give to one of my readers!

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