Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stimulate What?

In case you haven't noticed, I don't blog politics on this blog. There are plenty that do, and I believe that everyone always believes they're right when it comes to politics . . . and I am not up for confrontation on that front.

But, this new stimulus bill? Are you kidding me? 647 pages -- mostly of pet projects. I don't see anything in there that's going to help my family. or boost our economy.

I went out and opened a Chase checking account last week because they're offering $100 if you do so. I figure that's the only way I'm going to see any of the stimulus money . . . but really? That's how they're spending the previous stimulus package? Handing away $100 bills and handing their executives big fat bonuses. That $100 went towards my son's surgery.

We're struggling. What else is new, I know. I feel like a broken record. My husband and I are at each other because we're not sure how we're going to pay the mortgage anymore. I'm scrambling to find work, and I'm grateful for what I have, but it's not enough. My husband (100% commission job) is doing whatever he can as well, but it's not enough. It's just not enough.

And the government wants to give $1 billion to Amtrak . . . who hasn't turned a profit in 40 years.

It's overwhelming.


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I know - it's ridiculous! And they want to use U.S. tax money to help women in other countries have abortions.

    Duh. Obama is a nut case. I can't wait for these next 4 years to be over!

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Melanie...I stumbled upon your blog while reading your small successes...blessings to you! It's so hard to see the big picture sometimes, when we're in the midst of suffering. God knows your needs...He will provide! Yes, you still have to work and struggle, but fear not...He's with you every step of the way. Like you, our family is struggling during these tough times. If you have a chance, pop by my blog, and read "Poverty of Inconvenience." It's on the sidebar. I read it from time to time to remind me of just how well God provides. I'm sure you have many such stories of your own...anyway...a way to long comment, but prayers from another mom who understands...

  3. Amen. That's all I have to say. :)



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