Thursday, January 08, 2009

Review: Cozi Organizer

For years I used a spiral-bound weekly calendar to keep track of my life. Then, I upgraded to a Day Runner. And then I switched to Outlook. When I went to a Mac a few years back, I ended up using the Google Calendar more often. Since leaving Outlook, one of my big complaints has been that I can't print a calendar for the refrigerator that has the coming weeks -- I was limited to an entire month, when often I wanted to see the current week and then the next few weeks.

When MomCentral asked if I would take a look at and share my thoughts, I was eager to try it out. One of the first things I checked was the printing options for calendars and I CAN print the current week and a few weeks forward.

Cozi is an online organizer which includes a calendar, lists and a journaling space. It can be customized with a picture of your family, and your family member's names. I easily input the information for my family for the next few weeks, and loved how I could color-code each of our different activities.

One of the neat features is the ability to text information to our phones. DH uses text messages quite often. I can quickly send a grocery list to his phone with just a couple clicks. I can also set up other lists (like house purchases, or upcoming gift needs).

I also liked the journaling portion. I have this blog to keep track of things that happen in our life, but I used the journal section of Cozi to list all the words L says at the moment. Pretty boring stuff, except for me and her pediatrician. I can also keep a journal of C's asthma attacks so I know if we need to modify his medications.

You can even call a number and have Çozi read your appointments or your calendar to you over the phone! How handy would that be if you were in the middle of the grocery store and completely forgot what you needed?

And, best of all? The service is free! (Text messaging costs whatever your plan is through your phone provider -- DH texts so much that he has unlimited text messages as part of his plan.)

Try it out! Sign up before February 4, 2009 and you might win an in-home organization makeover by Laura Leist of Eliminate Chaos!

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