Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Small Successes


Danielle Bean over at Faith and Family is hosting small successes--an opportunity for Moms to identify the little things they have accomplished in the craziness of daily life. Here are mine:

1. I completed a piece of paperwork that needed to be done!

2. I snuggled with my oldest as he was recovering from surgery. He's a snuggler, but things have been busy and I haven't snuggled him as much as I should. I'm reminded to make the time!

3. I spent time alone with my 6yo this week. It's fun to talk with him one-on-one and listen to him chatter away without being interrupted by his older brother. I love to hear how his mind works and the things he wonders about.


  1. Hope your dear son is feeling better now he has had his surgery. God Bless you and yours!

  2. That is awesome! thanks for the reminder - I have a "snuggler" that I haven't taken time to snuggle lately too - gotta take care of that!



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