Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review: Game Stop

Although I was a bit reluctant to move my kids past their Leapsters, we have moved past them. (Although L loves to play with them these days, and C still plays a math game.) A couple years ago B got the kids Nintendo DS's and last year when his PSP was stolen he bought a DS for himself, and for Christmas I got my own as well (all used . . . at a great price!) Last Christmas brought a Wii (purchased new) and this Christmas found us with an XBOX (used again).

So, as you can see, we have quite a few gaming systems in our home these days. Game Stop is one of our FAVORITE places to purchase games. You can purchase new or used (we almost always purchase used) and the best part is that you can sell back games you are done with. If you purchase a used game that you don't like, you can exchange it easily.

My kids love that they can go to the store and try out a variety of games before they buy. The clerks have always been very helpful, and provided some great tips for game play.

Game Stop is currently running a promotion "Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body!' that they want everyone to know about. We have a Wii Fit, and Dance Dance Revolution, but I've been looking at adding My Fitness Coach for Wii and I love the brain games for my DS (like Brain Age and Ocean Zenses.)

One of the reasons I agreed to the Wii was because I liked the active nature of many of the games. I also really like the fact that many of the games are multi-player and that we can play as a family and everyone has fun.

If you have a system, (or are considering one), stop by your local Game Stop or visit their website to find active games to go along with it. As a special incentive, all shoppers who spend $35 or more on designated products will receive a free 12-month trial subscription to their choice of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Redbook, Good Housekeeping or Esquire.

Above all, HAVE FUN!! Now, if you'll excuse me . . . my hubby and I have a Rock Band Tour to get back to :)

Thanks to Mom Central and Game Stop for telling me about their new promotion & letting me share it with you! I will receive a Game Stop gift certificate in exchange for this post.

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