Friday, October 10, 2008


We met a friend and her 2 kids at the zoo today. The weather is finally cooling off (I think it only went to 90 today) and we were really looking forward to spending time at one of our favorite places, with one of our favorite families.

I didn't realize that local schools are on a fall break! The zoo was PACKED, which was understandable since it was a beautiful day. It was unusual for us, though, since we rarely attend on weekends or holidays and usually have the zoo pretty much to ourselves. It gave me another item in the "plus" column for homeschooling.

We didn't see much today, between the crowds and the frequent stops so my friend could nurse her 6 week old, and walking slowly for her 2yo who wasn't in a stroller. And, then my camera battery died, so I only got this shot of the javelina. (Javelinas are STINKY, just in case you didn't know. Their scent is very attractive to each other, but is not very attractive to humans! You know when you're hiking out in the desert and there are javelinas near because you can't miss their scent.)

My friend's new baby is deliciously adorable, but I'm content with my family. I didn't feel those longings and urges for another when I held her today -- I was just happy to hold her and thrilled for my friend. I know I may have those longings again, but it was a little surprise to me that I didn't even consider that I'd want another. As always, we'll see what's in store for us!

I stayed up past 1AM last night getting caught up so I had nothing due today, and then every time I fell asleep L cried out and woke me. I think she's getting a couple molars because she keeps pushing her tongue against the side of her mouth and she's been sleeping very restlessly. She doesn't wake up enough to want to be taken out of her bed, but just enough to wake me up. Usually I fall back asleep easily, but sleep has been elusive the last few weeks.

I start another freelance assignment next week, and I think I'm going to step back a little and let things settle before seeking more work. I'll still keep my eyes open, but I won't spend as much time looking as I have been. I need our routine to settle in a little bit before I try to add more to my plate.

I made a frozen pizza for dinner tonight, and both boys said "It's okay - but Dad's is MUCH better!" I have to remember to tell him that when he gets home tonight. They love when their dad makes homemade pizza! Colin said that his is better because he uses less sauce and more cheese.

The boys start a flag football league tomorrow. C really wanted to play basketball, and N really wanted to play soccer -- but I could fit the flag football league into our schedule and our budget. It should be fun to watch!

B is a couple hours away today for work, so he won't be home until midnight. The kids have all been fed and bathed and the boys are watching a dvd at the moment. L wants me to read to her (she loves touchy/feely books this week) so I'm going to shut down for the night. I'm hoping to tuck them in and get a nice, hot bath for myself! I've been on the computer enough this week :)

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