Sunday, October 19, 2008

Caramel Apples

The boys received a caramel apple kit from a friend a couple weeks ago and have been asking to make caramel apples ever since. This surprised me, because neither boy likes caramel, but I figured they might like it on an apple.

On Friday, I picked 6 medium sized Granny Smith apples from the fruit bowl and cracked open the kit. The boys were so excited! I dumped out the bag of caramels and told them to unwrap them all and put them in the big glass bowl. They were suddenly much less excited.

I think it took them 45 minutes to unwrap the caramels. I wrote an article in the time it took them to unwrap all the candy! When it was finally done, I added a little milk and microwaved the caramels and milk. I pulled the stems from the apples and inserted the sticks.

When the caramel was melted, I swirled the apples around and covered them mostly. The kit also came with candy decorations, so the boys had fun putting gummy worms, sprinkles and candy corn on the apples. We let the apples cool a bit, and then I asked if they wanted one.

Colin refused to even try one. Nate tried one and I think he took maybe 3 bites.

I like them. I'm the only one. I don't think we'll make caramel apples next year. LOL!

(I would have included pictures but I'm having issues with iPhoto at the moment.)

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