Monday, October 27, 2008

I made it!

It's Monday night and I made it through the weekend.
  • I didn't finish all my articles, but was able to get an extension for the couple I wasn't able to finish.
  • Party goods shopped for and purchased!
  • I didn't work on the proposals or the query. That was a self-imposed deadline, and I realize now it was not very realistic.
  • Class successfully prepped by 10PM last night. C woke up at 3:30 puking. I had to get up at 6 to be on time. I was on time, and I had a great class. You couldn't have known I hadn't been in front of a classroom for 8 years! It felt great, and I can't wait for another class to be offered to me.
  • I got the house clean in time for the party.
  • The party was a great success. We hosted 24 kids and 8 adults stayed throughout the party. It was hectic, but fun! This was the 5th year in a row I've hosted a kid Halloween party, and I admit that I'm wondering if that might have been the last for a while.
  • The pumpkin patch happened. It was hot this year (mid 90's) and sunny and I confess I was feeling miserable. Nate was also under the weather, but insisted he wanted to go. This is another family tradition, so we didn't want to miss. I really hope next year a cold front blows through.
  • We skipped football this weekend. Nate wasn't feeling well, and I was overwhelmed with all that still needed to be done for the party. We won't miss again this season.
  • My wonderful DH fixed the PC laptop in plenty of time for my massive prep session Sunday afternoon / evening.
  • I'm still behind on laundry. Argh. Even more behind today since I was gone all day teaching. Oh, well.
  • Kids were all fed and cared for all weekend.
  • Husband was cared for and told how much I appreciated him.
  • Dog was fed, cared for, and is actually spending more time in the house because DH realizes it's up to him to make it happen. I have no problem with the feeding and the walking, but was overwhelmed with the housebreaking . . . DH has taken that over when he's home. I love how we work as a team!
I'm tired tonight, but I have a couple days that I can use for catch-up. I do have deadlines in the next couple days, and C's birthday party to get ready for, and more -- but I can catch my breath a bit tomorrow.

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