Sunday, October 12, 2008

homemade perception

My sister stopped by this afternoon with some cookies for the kids. They were sugar cookies that she made from a pouch - all they need is water, I think. The boys ate them happily, and told her they were "better than the bakery cookies!" She said that she mixed them with her fingers and the boys said "Our mom never makes homemade cookies!" My sister said "She doesn't? What does she make?" They said "She makes machine cookies." "What are machine cookies?" "You know, she uses a mixer!"

So, apparently, since I use my Kitchenaid mixer, I don't make anything homemade. This strikes me so funny, especially since I don't use mixes for anything -- I make cookies, pancakes, waffles, bread and cakes from scratch.

Even tonight, when C was happily munching on fresh-baked, home made, honey wheat bread, he said "Hmm, have you ever made this before?" I said "This is my fall back bread. You've eaten it a hundred times." But, he just didn't remember the last time I made it (which was probably last winter. I don't bake during the summer very much, if at all.)

I guess it's all in the perception of things. Last winter was a very long time ago for an almost 8 year old boy! And, homemade means hand-mixed. LOL!

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