Thursday, October 30, 2008

gas prices

Back in April, I posted in shock that gasoline cost $3.32/gallon. The price continued to rise from there, and I stopped writing about it, but it was just under $4/gallon not too long ago.

I was already limiting trips, consolidating trips, and had seriously cut back on get-togethers with friends who lived far away when gas prices creeped up to $2.50/gallon a couple years ago. DH had no choice but to drive for work, so I did my best to further limit our trips around town when prices broke $3/gallon.

I filled up yesterday for $2.62/gallon. This is a welcome relief, but gas prices stayed high long enough to force companies to increase their prices on things like groceries. While gas prices are dropping, those other prices will remain high. Companies will use the money they're saving on transportation to pad their profit margins, and help them through these current tough economic times.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm glad gas prices are dropping again. But, with the quick rise and drop of the gas prices, it makes me wonder what forces really were behind the price increase. Was it greed? Dishonesty? Both? It seems that much of our current economic woes can be traced back to the greed and dishonesty of a ridiculously large group of people in our country.

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