Friday, October 03, 2008

Review: Spot Shot Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator

When Mom Central was looking for bloggers to review a new carpet stain remover, I couldn't hit REPLY fast enough. Between 2 dogs and 3 kids in the last 8 years, my carpets have stains!

When the box arrived, I found not only a bottle of the Spot Shot, but also a piece of carpet, a bottle of chocolate, a couple paintbrushes, a bottle of ammonia and a white rag. Hmmm, maybe they thought I didn't have any stains of my own to work with?

It was fun to test using their supplies, and now you don't have to see my carpets!

Here are the supplies I received. I set up on my kitchen counter and got ready to paint some chocolate on the carpet. I found it a little funny that the bottle warned me not to eat it, but then N wanted to eat it. Good thing I could show him the warning!

I painted a big splotch of chocolate on the carpet sample. It smelled good, but looked awful.

Per the directions, I blotted the stain with a damp, white cloth. And then I was distracted by kids needing me, so I had to walk away from the experiment for 10 or 20 minutes.

When I came back, I sprayed Spot Shot liberally on the stain and continued blotting with the cloth. I had to spray twice, but with more blotting and a little rubbing, the stain was gone! Even this morning when I looked at the carpet, there was no stain. Success!!

Unfortunately, my blog doesn't have smell-o-vision so I can't fully share the next experiment with you. The kit also included a spray bottle of ammonia. OH MY GOODNESS, does that smell awful! I sprayed it on the carpet and began to choke a little. I sprayed Spot Shot on the spot, waited a few minutes, and could no longer smell the ammonia. Success, again! I even held it up to my nose and I couldn't smell anything other than the pleasant scent of Spot Shot.

Spot Shot is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe for children. Plus, it works. I had to try it out on some old stains on my carpet and I was pleasantly surprised with how it made them disappear and left a fresh odor. This product will have a permanent spot under my kitchen sink (when it's not being used!)

Thanks to Mom Central and wd40 for letting me try this out!

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  1. Spot Shot is a life-saver in our house! Two dogs, a 6 year old, and a 7 week old baby....we love that stuff!


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