Tuesday, October 07, 2008

early ballot

It's still October, but I voted today. After missing election day in 2004 because of sick children and DH's calls, I request early ballots and vote through the mail. I'm solid on all my choices, and nothing that is said in the next month will change my mind, so I had no problem dropping my ballot in the mailbox this morning.

The boys and I sat down with the ballot and I read them all the propositions on the ballot and we discussed the pros and cons of each one. We also talked briefly about the different candidates and their platforms and why I chose the ones I did.

The boys watched me fill in the arrows, seal the envelope, and sign my name to the front. I talked to them about polling places and election day, as well as my reasons for voting by mail. I believe that voting is an important part of a citizen's life and I take the responsibility seriously.

I know that watching me fill out my ballot at the kitchen table may not be as powerful as coming with me to a polling place, but I also know that consistency is the key. As the kids watch me do it for every election, I hope the importance of the act shines through. Voting through the mail ensures that I vote in every election -- illness, sick kids, broken cars aside -- nothing can stop me from voting!

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  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Dern! I voted today too! Only, I didn't even THINK to use it as an "example" opportunity for Rocky. I'm just not on the ball!

    At least he watched me vote in the Canadian elections on Sunday (early voting here). And we talk about it alot - a lot more than you'd think a kid his age wants to talk about it - so, that's good too I guess.

    Hey! The Money saving Mondays button and post turned out great! I was afraid it might be too small a button.

    Am looking forward to reading them each week if I can!

    God bless

    and thanks for the optimism in my comments box!


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