Friday, September 19, 2008

million different directions

I'm being pulled into a million different directions right now, and I'm trying to do justice to at least half of them. LOL! Okay, actually, I'm trying to do justice to them all, which is why I want to pull my hair out!

We're currently trying to refinance our home and I knew the appraiser would be coming by. B called me at 5 last night to tell me the appraiser would be here at 9 this morning! Whoa! I thought I'd have a little more warning. I scrambled and ended up moving a bunch of clutter (like L's toys which were in the living room since she doesn't have a room!) into my mom's house next door. It is SO handy having that house there. I got the house mostly how I would've wanted it before the appraiser came this morning and we can only hope that the report is as favorable as we need it to be. I'd like to finish that extra room and we need just a little bit of help to do so. We also would like to consolidate our 2 loans into one to save a few dollars each month -- very important with the current economy and lack of work for B.

To top it all off, someone from my past decided to pop into my life again today. Every time I think they couldn't possibly barge into my life again -- DING DONG! Please pray for me -- you can't imagine what this contact does to me or how absolutely insane this person can act. I think St. Margaretha is for casting out devils and that's really what I think I need help with.

I'm looking forward to my weekend, though. The boys have their last baseball game and awards ceremony tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon we're attending the first of the family concert series of the Phoenix Symphony. This will be our 3rd season and the concerts are always enjoyable and well-performed.


  1. Oooh - I hope the appraisal comes back how you need it to be!

    I'm sorry about the recurring devil in your life. That's never a good thing!


  2. Anonymous3:26 AM

    I'm sorry that life is so demanding for you right now. I know how that is and you have my prayers in all these endeavours that you might achieve what you wish to achieve for your family.

    (((bug hugs)))


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