Sunday, September 07, 2008


My parents are headed back to WI on Tuesday. I think it will be most confusing for L, who has gotten used to walking across the yard to visit and will be completely shocked when the house is suddenly empty. Not only have my parents been there most of the summer, my sister has also been staying there (her house is about 5 miles away, but she moved in when my dad was sick and stayed after my mom came back), and my sister's cat and my parent's new puppy.

We'll all miss having them next door, and look forward to the day when they live there permanently. One plan has them moving here next fall, but we'll see what the economy and housing market does during the next year.

We're going to celebrate my dad's birthday today (it's actually tomorrow, but today is an easier day to celebrate), and then I'm sure tomorrow will be busy packing the truck for their long drive back.

We have a usual week planned for us -- the boys have baseball Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, enrichment program on Wednesday, L has a well-baby visit on Wednesday, we're FINALLY visiting a friend with a new baby on Thursday, and the first meeting of the year for my parish's mom's group is on Friday. Between that, we'll do our regular homeschooling, chores and errands.

During the week, DH will hopefully have time to work on the interior of our new room and I need to declutter and clean the house for an appraisal. We're hoping to refinance in the next little bit.

Right now, the baby is napping. I can hear DH snoring in front of a football game. The boys are playing their DS's. I am debating between doing some laundry, cleaning off my desk or scrubbing the kitchen floor. All 3 need to be done . . . and so I need to hop off the computer and get to it!

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  1. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Hi Melanie! Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to checking yours out, too! I'm looking for baby pictures...


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