Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Ball is Done!

It seems almost funny to call it "fall ball" because the last game was today and the temperatures are still over 100! The boys each received a nice plaque and N hit another ball out into the outfield. He truly loves the game of baseball, and has very good skills for his age. I don't think there was a ball he didn't hit this season!

I've already looked into spring leagues for him and he is excited about playing in a better league. The boys have been playing in a Parks & Rec league the last 4 years, and while it has been a great experience, he is ready for more structure and better players so that he can improve his game.

I just love this picture I took a few games ago. You can see the concentration on his face, his eye on the ball, and the force of his swing. I just ordered a 5x7 and plan to hang it in the hallway once it's painted and I can re-hang our wall of photographs.

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