Monday, September 29, 2008

L at 17 months

This picture was taken yesterday, but what's a few hours when you're looking at a 17 month old?

Our neighbor is a photographer and wanted to try out his new holiday backdrop. I really hope the dress still fits in 3 months because I love it! The jacket comes off and the dress has the sweetest little cap sleeves.

What can I say about L this month? She's actually developed a little bit of stranger danger (finally) It's not extreme, but she comes back to me quickly when an adult crosses her path these days. All bets are off if there's a small child, however! She spent mass yesterday playing peekaboo with another little girl in front of us. By that, I mean L kept doing the motions and giggling, while the little girl stared at her and sucked her finger. She also loves the sign of peace and will try to run up and down the aisles shaking hands.

She's young, but she's started showing some signs that she may be interested in potty training. I really wasn't expecting it, but got her a red potty chair that arrived today. She seems to understand what it's for. I won't push it, but I figured I may as well be open to the possibility! And, since red is still her favorite color, I thought it was a good choice.

Next month she'll be a year and a half old! Nate says he can't remember a moment without his sister. I understand what he means.

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  1. Oh, that pic is adorable!! She sounds so absolutely delightful!


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