Wednesday, September 10, 2008

16 months, a little late

I remembered the day L turned 16 months, but didn't do an update post. Since I took her in for her well-child visit today, I thought I'd do one today.

She's 22 lbs, 5 oz and a little over 30" tall, which puts her height and weight squarely at the 25th percentile. Her weight had been lagging behind her height for a long while, but it's caught up now.

She received one vaccination today, and while she flinched, she never cried out. My mom says I never cried at vaccinations either. I don't need to take her back until she's 2 (well, unless she gets sick enough to warrant a doctor visit before then.)

The doctor asked if she was drinking whole milk, and I responded that she was. I also volunteered that she was still breastfeeding. (WHY do I ever volunteer anything at the doctor's office?) He looked at me a bit shocked and said "Oh. Well, you need to cut that down. I don't ever want a patient to come in here at their 2 yr checkup and still breastfeeding." I just looked at him. I waited a few beats, then said "We're both perfectly fine and I don't see any reason to quit before she's ready." He then volunteered that in rural India some women breastfeed until 4 or 5 years of age! But he had only been breastfed for a year. I looked at him again, and responded "Well, I know women right here in town that breastfeed until their children are 4 or 5. I bet they just don't admit it to doctors like you."

Personally, I imagine L will wean sometime between now and her 2nd birthday. She's busy, she eats a lot, and she nurses 1-2 times a day right now. I was irritated by his attitude, however, and wondered how he'll feel if his wife decides to breastfeed their children past a year? (he doesn't have any children yet) Oh, I have more I could say about it, but this post is about my darling L.

She is a daredevil. She climbs the ladder of the playfort up and down with no problems whatsoever. She climbs on the tables, on chairs, on everything. She walks backward, forwards and is beginning to run. She loves when the boys chase her.

She understands what is asked of her perfectly. She has about 5 words that we know -- Up, Mom, Dad, Hi, and Shoes. She MUST wear shoes and is quite insistent whenever she wakes up that they are put back on her feet. She knows she can't go outside without shoes on, and she never wants to miss a chance to go outside.

She still loves music and is adding new steps to her dance routines daily. She will walk around with her hands on her hips and tapping her toes at any hint of music.

Those are the highlights I can think of. I'm sure there's more, but she'll be 17 months by the time I post this if I don't hit publish right now!


  1. We also practiced "extended" breastfeeding and I learned to stop volunteering info when Nick was about L's age. He had to be hospitalized and everyone in the hospital (except his regular ped. who is wonderful) blamed everything that was wrong with him on nursing - seriously! He was dehydrated from a stomach bug and they blamed it on nursing. They also blamed everything else that went wrong, including his lack of appetite, on nursing (once or twice a day, mind you). Picky eater? Nursing of course. Whatever . . . I just don't have the energy to argue with people, so we keep those sorts of things to ourselves. :o)

    L is adorable! Great picture :o)

  2. Wow - I *cannot* believe how big she is already! And still absolutely adorable!!!!



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