Saturday, February 23, 2008

standing alone!

Development hasn't stopped with illness! L was on the bed with us last night while we were watching a show and was on her knees and then pulling up while holding on to the headboard.

And, then, she was standing independently! It lasted just a few seconds, but I'm sure that she'll start standing for longer periods and her first steps are close at hand!

I keep teasing DH that she'll take her first steps while he's gone (he leaves for his cruise next Sunday.) She just may . . . but somehow I think she'll wait for Daddy to come home.

C took his first steps right before he turned 11 months old. DH wanted him to take his first steps in our own home (we had been renting) and we moved into our house when he was 10 months and a couple weeks. A week later, he took his first steps!

N waited until he was 13 months old to walk.

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