Friday, February 08, 2008

reusable bags?

How many of you shop using reusable bags? I have been looking at these baggu bags for a couple months now on Amazon. The cost has held me back, because I would need 10 or so probably to fit a grocery order.

I then think that even if I started out with 3, that would be 3 less plastic bags that we'd be using when we go out. And, they would also be handy for shopping at other places.

The boys and I had a discussion today at Sprouts when they saw the big bin of recycled bags near the check out counter. In our home, we do use the plastic bags in our small trash cans and for diapers, but the quality of the plastic bags seems to deteriorate more and more! It's a rare day when at least half the bags don't have holes in them by the time they're emptied.

I do think that it is a simple thing to do and it will cut down on trash and even the production of plastic shopping bags. I have some canvas bags in the house already, and recently received a giveaway bag from Yoplait that I will keep in the car and start using for errands.

We've used canvas bags forever to carry library books. I also keep one hanging on a doorknob for mail and other things that need to be returned. I will start using them for shopping. It's a habit that I think we need to develop!

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