Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In a nearby town, there are 2 bridges that go over a small lake. We often drive by the bridges on our way to the zoo and botanical gardens and other places, but never actually drove on the bridges. N has been fascinated by them for a while, and asked if we could drive on the bridges -- preferably at night when the lights were lit.

For a long time, we promised him that one day we would. But, it never seemed to happen. He was very patient, and would quietly remind us whenever we happened to drive by them that he would really like to see them up close.

A few nights ago, I talked to DH and we decided to take a drive. We didn't tell the boys where we were going -- just that it was someplace special.

Both boys were excited when they realized where we were, and N was thrilled to be driving across the bridges. We parked in a spot under the bridges and DH and the boys walked a bit by the edges of the lake and soaked in the atmosphere. L was asleep so I stayed in the van while they explored.

We then proceeded to drive back and forth over the bridges a half dozen times or so.

It was a very simple thing to do, but it was amazingly wonderful for N. He finally got to do something he had been hoping to do for a long time, and it felt great for DH & I as well since we got to help make it happen.


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    these are the things that memories are made of :-)

  2. How neat! He is always going to remember this special surprise.


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