Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oh, my!! You know I love books ;) Someone suggested this site to me today and I think it is terrific! Check out Lookybook right now!

It is a virtual bookshelf with tons of picture books. Not just the cover and a few pages -- but the ENTIRE book is available for viewing and reading. If you register with the site, you can create your own bookshelf to save books you like.

Online books will never replace books I can hold and linger over, but this is a great way to find even more books to add to our personal library. In just a few minutes, I found 2 books that I want to buy for Lydia in the next few months.

I sent the link to a friend who is currently pregnant with her 2nd child. She's in a rough first trimester, so this could be a great way to entertain her toddler while she's relaxing. I plan on using it with my boys right now -- especially Nate who is a beginning reader. I know Colin will enjoy reading books online, and I don't have to worry about the content.

And, it'll be a resource for homeschooling as well! There's a book about the new food pyramid that will fit in perfectly for a nutrition unit. I won't have to worry about a library trip to use it, but instead we'll be able to view it online.

I'm done sharing now! I'm off to look at more picture books!


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I LOVE it! but the print is too small for me to read on the pages - does one have to register in order to make the page larger? I didn't seem to be able to find a way to do so ---

  2. Alexa, I had the same problem with some books. Registering only allows you to save to your own bookshelf - it doesn't increase the size of the book :( It does give me a better idea of the book, though - and whether I'd like to buy it or get it from our library. I thought it was just my small screen and bad eyes that were problematic ;)


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