Sunday, February 03, 2008

Review: Froose Juice

Juice boxes are a treat in our household, and my kids are usually excited when they see a pack or two in our drink refrigerator. (Yes, we have a drink refrigerator, don't you? LOL! It's a small size refrigerator in our bedroom that we use for bottled water, soda and juice boxes.) When the boys eyed the boxes of Froose in the refrigerator they were definitely interested. Thanks to Mom Central, we were able to sample all three flavors: Cheerful Cherry, Playful Peach and Perfect Pear.

These organic juice boxes are unusual in that they are not just juice -- but are a combination of juice and whole grains. They are loaded with complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and each box contains 3g of fiber. The real question is whether or not kids will drink them!

My oldest, C, enjoyed the taste of all 3 flavors and eagerly drank them. He said they were almost like a smoothie. For this same reason, N did not care for them. He said he likes his juice to be "just wet." When I tried one, I realized that the juice does have a slight bit of texture to it, similar to a pulpy drink. They each tried one at room temperature, and again after the boxes were chilled. C preferred the cold juice, but said it was fine either way. N said it was better cold, but he still didn't like them much.

The boxes are 4 oz, which is a bit small for a drink for my boys, but it is a good size for juice. Each box has 80 calories. C usually followed the juice box with a glass of water, but would have drank more boxes at one time if I let him. I did throw 2 boxes in our diaper bag and C drank both when we were out and about. Like most juice boxes, they are shelf-stable and come with a straw attached.

These juice boxes were invented by a mom who was interested in providing healthy snacks for her toddler and preschooler. She developed Froose as an alternative to the empty calories of juice. Check out the website for more information about her and her story!

It looks like the juice boxes are only available for purchase on line right now. You can order them here. You can purchase a sampler pack of 12 boxes for $9 plus shipping, or a case of 40 for $30 plus shipping. I imagine as interest in these grows, it will be available at health food-type stores.

I don't know that I would order them online, but I would pick them up locally as a treat. The 3g of fiber is a big draw for me, as we struggle to get enough fiber into C on a regular basis. C has already asked when we would get more!

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