Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mom Central Review: What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home

When the request came through for bloggers to review What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home, I was in the midst of cleaning house during/after a rotten stomach virus. I jumped at the chance to review this booklet, in hopes of finding some tips to make sure I got all the germs OUT of our house. Since it was funded by Clorox, I admit wondering if every page was going to tell me to use a bleach solution or their wipes on every possible surface!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 16 page booklet presented very practical tips, and did not present any information which made me want to burn the house down and start over! While it was suggested throughout the booklet to use disinfectant wipes, I felt that it was warranted -- as they ARE a fast, easy way to disinfect surfaces.

Some of the interesting facts I learned while reading was that most people touch 300 surfaces every 30 minutes!! I assume that number is probably higher for children. I also learned that the flu virus can live for 2 days (or even longer!) on some surfaces. I had been under the misguided notion that most viruses/germs could only survive a few hours on surfaces (I have no idea where I got that idea though.)

After our stomach virus, we all picked up a chest cold. I passed this little booklet along to my 7 year old and pointed out specific pages for him to read out loud as part of his reading lessons. He was amazed to learn that 80 percent of germs are spread by touch. Even though I've taught my boys to wash their hands practically since birth, somehow reading about it in this little booklet helped drive it home even more. I heard him later in the bathroom telling his brother to close the lid before flushing, and that he'd sing the ABC's along with him to make sure he washed long enough.

The booklet is set up with 2 sections. The first is "Keeping Your House Healthy" and has tips about keeping bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms and kitchens clean. One thing mentioned was washing plastic toys in the dishwasher, which is something I actually did with a bin of baby toys that I came across in the garage. I had saved them when the boys outgrew them, and realized they were right for L. I had planned to fill a sink with hot, soapy water and wash them all, but instead I threw them all in the dishwasher and they came out fine!

The second section is "Healthy Habits For Your Family." This had the reminders to wash your hands and encourage kids to do the same! There was also information about protecting your family from germs while away from home -- from public bathrooms, playgrounds, the family car and child care centers. I realized that I do not disinfect the car often enough, and spent yesterday afternoon wiping the inside down.

The booklet is a quick read, and I think there are definitely tips to be learned. Long ago I heard a comment that if you take the effort to learn a bunch of tips that make improvements of only 1%, before you know it, you'll have improved 100%. The booklet is available for download from the Clorox website.

Oh, and go wash your hands!

Thanks to Mom Central for the chance to read and review this booklet!

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