Sunday, December 02, 2007

puke buckets

After completing our grocery shopping yesterday, both boys started complaining of not feeling well. About an hour later, the vomiting started.

I am so thankful I was caught up on laundry, as we went through 4 sets of sheets and almost every blanket in our house last night, as well as multiple pairs of pajamas and an entire drawer of clothes (N first got sick as he was getting into his pajamas, leaning over an open drawer.) My poor, sweet boys were both violently ill from around 6PM until almost 5AM. N got the worst of it, but C was pretty sick as well. They spent a good portion of today in bed, which tells you how awful they felt.

I hope tomorrow sees the end of this bug. N cried out around midnight last night "I can't even get a WINK of sleep!!" And C cried out once "I was sleeping so peacefully before I got sick AGAIN!"

I was thankful that DH was home to help, but it was still difficult to clean up & comfort the boys at the same time and keep track of L between the 2 of us. I am so very grateful that my husband doesn't shirk from helping out in situations like this -- he was there with towels and wet rags and the carpet cleaner and puke buckets. And, then he let me go to bed with L around midnight and stayed with the boys all night taking care of them. He truly is a gem.

L seems fine -- she has nursed quite a bit today, but doesn't seem to be sick at all. DH & I are also fine, which means I'm still caught up on laundry (the washing machine has been running non-stop!)

An interesting start to Advent, but hopefully this means we're done with sickness for the holidays??

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