Thursday, December 06, 2007

St. Nick's Day

My boys are finally feeling better, and I think L has left illness behind as well. My voice is gone today, but it's just a winter cold . . . that hopefully stays just with me!

The boys were excited this morning to wake to goodies in their shoes. C insisted on leaving his outside the front door, as he didn't want the door to be left unlocked and it stressed him thinking of a stranger (even if it was St. Nicholas!) coming into our home. (We have similar issues over Santa.) The shoes were inside when they woke, but we told them that DH woke earlier and brought them in.

They each had a chocolate St. Nick, a pen with a snowglobe and a Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzle. I bought chocolate gold coins . . . but couldn't find them last night. I guess they'll go into their stockings!

We read "The Baker's Dozen" last night which is about St. Nicholas cookies and greediness. And I read the story of St. Nicholas this morning. They did a coloring page of St. Nicholas riding through a town on a white horse with a sack of treats on his back.

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